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Program: RunDec, CRunDec
Keywords: Quantum Chromodynamics, running coupling constant, running quark mass, on-shell mass, MS mass, decoupling of heavy particles
Authors: RunDec: K.G. Chetyrkin, J.H. Kuhn, M. Steinhauser

CRunDec: B. Schmidt, M. Steinhauser

Short description: The values for the coupling constant of Quantum Chromodynamics, αs(nf)(μ), actually depends on the considered energy scale, μ, and the number of active quark flavours, nf. The same applies to light quark masses, mq(nf)(μ), if they are, e.g., evaluated in the MS scheme. In the program RunDec all relevant formulae are collected and various procedures are provided which allow for a convenient evaluation of αs(nf)(μ) and mq(nf)(μ) using the state-of-the-art correction terms.
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RunDec and CRunDec can be used whenever running and decoupling effects of the strong coupling constant or light quark masses are considered. RunDec is written in Mathematica and CRunDec in C++.


The source code can be downloaded from www.ttp.kit.edu/Progdata/ttp00/ttp00-05/

Conditions of use

We ask you to refer to the RunDec/CRunDec publication

RunDec: K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kuhn and M. Steinhauser,
CRunDec: B. Schmidt and M. Steinhauser,
arXiv:1201.6149 [hep-ph]

if you use RunDec/CRunDec in scientific publications.


See publication.