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Program: ParFORM
Keywords: Computer algebra, parallel computing, MPI
Authors: M. Tentyukov, T. Ueda and J.A.M. Vermaseren
Short description: A parallel version of the symbolic manipulation system FORM based on MPI. It demonstrates a good speedup behaviour on symmetric multiprocessing machines and modern cluster architectures. FORM programs written for the sequential version can run on the ParFORM without any modifications.
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To be written.


The source code can be downloaded from the FORM CVS Repository. To build ParFORM, use the following commands:

$ autoreconf -i
$ ./configure --enable-parform
$ make

See also the file INSTALL in the distribution.

Conditions of use

FORM (and also TFORM and ParFORM) is released under the GNU General Public License. In addition we ask you to refer to the FORM publication

if you use FORM in scientific publications.


See the section for the parallel version in the FORM Reference manual.