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Program: MATAD
Keywords: Three-loop computations, vacuum integrals, computer algebra, automation of computations
Authors: M. Steinhauser
Short description: Multi-loop integrals are needed for the evaluation of quantum corrections. An important class of loop diagrams is covered by so-called vacuum integrals which have no external momentum. MATAD can analytically compute those one-, two- and three-loop vacuum integrals where one mass scale is present.

The method of integration-by-parts is used in order to obtain recurrence relations which reduce complicated integrals to a small set of so-called master integrals. They have to be evaluated once and for all. In addition a user interface is provided which makes it easy to put in complicated diagrams in a rather compact way.

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MATAD has been used in a variety of applications where three-loop tadpole integrals are needed. Among them are three-loop corrections to the electroweak ρ parameter and the effective Higgs-gluon coupling.


The source code can be downloaded from www.ttp.kit.edu/~ms/software.html

Conditions of use

We ask you to refer to the MATAD publication

M. Steinhauser, arXiv:hep-ph/0009029.

if you use MATAD in scientific publications.


See publication.